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Career Planning

Changing your career is a major decision and can be more than just a financial decision.  It can affect multiple areas of your personal and professional life.  This is why Net Revenue is dedicated to learn about you, your career needs and personal goals.  It is Net Revenue's mission to understand your experience and objectives so we can represent the best opportunities possible and gain your confidence!

Big Desk

Career Planning

In planning your next career transition, you need to have confidence knowing where you're headed.  List your personal and professional goals to ensure both are in alignment.  Important questions to ask yourself include:


  • What is driving you to make a change?

  • Are you running to a new opportunity or away from your current position?

  • Will your experience be fully utilized in the next position?

  • Is continued professional education and training of high importance?

Combination Lock


There are many public career boards which you can post your resume. The obvious risk is not knowing who will see your resume and who's desk it could land on. Net Revenue is not a public posting board and uses an internal secure database accessed only by authorized personnel. Your personal and career information is kept in confidence and only shared with employers of agreed interest.

It is the goal to gain your confidence knowing your information and career search is kept private.

Taking Notes

Resume Suggestions

The resume is your introduction to a prospective employer. Since the average time a manager reviews a resume is three seconds, it is imperative the resume contains content that will gain immediate attention. Important resume information can include:


  • Contact Information

  • Professional Summary

  • Career Objective

  • Application & Technical Experience

  • Career History

  • Awards, Performance Recognition and notable Achievements

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